Unified semantic model for Urban data and its applications

A Plethora of data is being generated and made available via sensing technologies including humans. Attaching semantics to such data provides meaning to the data and helps in (a) achieving common understanding and (b) performing analysis and reasoning. A lot of ontologies such as SSN, iot-lite, and SAO, Schema.org, etc. have been developed to provide semantics to such data. However, there is no comprehensive semantic model to deal with semantic interoperability of data produced by various testbeds or platforms. Thus, my key research contributions are:

  • Identification of semantic model that follow 4W1H (what, when, where, who and how) methodology for semantics and facilitate privacy, senamtic interoperability and federation between testbeds and platforms
  • Development of proof of concept large scale crowdsensing experiment can utilize semantic model and the data and produce meaningful results

This contribution finds its implementation in the EU H2020 FIESTA-IoT project (Feb 2015 - July 2018) and EIT digital 3cixty (Jan 2014-Dec 2015) where, besides above, I have also led the task of architecting hetrogeneous data and developing tools for performing experimentation on the federated data. My tasks were not only limited to leading and fulfilling technical duties and research but it also required supporting open call candidates. These tasks not only required robust and scalable tools but also required precise system level documentation, interaction with partners with multidisciplinary background, meeting project objectives, and writing deliverables and reports to be completed on schedule.

Rachit Agarwal
Associate Director of Data Science and Analytics

Rachit pioneers Network Science and Blockchain research along with cryptocurrency forensic. His expertise and research interests mainly span the areas related to understanding Network oriented aspects of Human Mobility as well as Cyber Systems such as Blockchains with applications to Cyber-Security. He is also interested in Semantic Web technologies, Smart Cities, and CrowdSourcing.