Infection Risk Score: Identifying the risk of infection propagation based on human contact


A wide range of approaches have been applied to manage the spread of global pandemic events such as COVID-19, which have met with varying degrees of success. Given the large-scale social and economic impact coupled with the increasing time span of the pandemic, it is important to not only manage the spread of the disease but also put extra efforts on measures that expedite resumption of social and economic life. It is therefore important to identify situations that carry high risk, and act early whenever such situations are identified. While a large number of mobile applications have been developed, they are aimed at obtaining information that can be used for contact tracing, but not at estimating the risk of social situations. In this paper, we introduce an infection risk score that provides an estimate of the infection risk arising from human contacts. Using a real-world human contact dataset, we show that the proposed risk score can provide a realistic estimate of the level of risk in the population. We also describe how the proposed infection risk score can be implemented on smartphones. Finally, we identify representative use cases that can leverage the risk score to minimize infection propagation.

1st ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Modeling and Understanding the Spread of COVID-19