Detecting Malicious Accounts showing Adversarial Behavior in Permissionless Blockchains


Different types of malicious activities have been flagged in multiple permissionless blockchains such as bitcoin, Ethereum etc. While some malicious activities exploit vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of the blockchain, some target its users through social engineering techniques. To address these problems, we aim at automatically flagging blockchain accounts that originate such malicious exploitation of accounts of other participants. To that end, we identify a robust supervised machine learning (ML) algorithm that is resistant to any bias induced by an over representation of certain malicious activity in the available dataset, as well as is robust against adversarial attacks. We find that most of the malicious activities reported thus far, for example, in Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, behaves statistically similar. Further, the previously used ML algorithms for identifying malicious accounts show bias towards a particular malicious activity which is over-represented. In the sequel, we identify that Neural Networks (NN) holds up the best in the face of such bias inducing dataset at the same time being robust against certain adversarial attacks.

submitted to 13th International Symposium on Cyberspace Safety and Security